Five sports that you didn’t know existed !!!!

Hey everyone! Welcome to another edition Fanaticsport. In this post, I want to call your attention to some crazy professional sports that you won’t believe exist. Let’s get started!

Team Fighting Championship


This sport is just as brutal as the title suggests. In this sport, there are teams of five that go head to head in a no holds barred brawl.  How do you win? That answer is simple. Be the last team standing. The only catch is that if a member of your team taps out, he Is out of the match. So you can become outnumbered very quickly, but have no fear. TFC does follow the same rules as the UFC. Click here for full rules. Check it out !!  (skip to 2 minutes)

Combat juggling


Yeah, you read that right!  Combat juggling is just what it sounds like. In this sport, competitors are tasked with finishing a routine with three cubs (the objects that you juggle). The object of the game is to have your adversary drop one or more of their clubs. If they do, you get the point. These matches can be one on one or team. It sounds dumb, but it’s pretty fun to watch!





For this next sport, we travel across the pond to Ireland, to look at a much longer established game known as Hurling. Hurling dates back over three thousand years and is played on a field a little bigger than a soccer field. The game is a mix between across baseball and rugby. The object of the game is to hit a ball known as a Sliotar into a net with a stick called a Hurler.  A player can hit it into a net for the points or they can shoot it over the net for one point.






This sport originated in Japan. The goal of the game is to knock over the opposing team’s pole. This pole could range from 10 to 16 feet in the air. Don’t worry, the game is not as boring or as easy as it sounds. Each team has 75 players that are split up into attackers and defenders. The attackers are tasked with knocking down the opposing team’s pole while the defenders try to keep it upright. The team who knocks down the pole first wins.  Check it out! It’s pretty crazy.



Chase Tag


Most people remember playing tag as kids. Well, this is the same game with a modern twist.  The game is played just like the original game but is played using parkour obstacles and tactics. The game is played with an evader and a chaser. These players do exactly what you would think. The game can be played with a team or one on one. If you tag someone or evade getting tagged in a round, you get a point. The number and lengths of the rounds can vary depending on how many people are playing. Check it out.



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