Odds of Dating a Supermodel? Pretty Good. Odds of Getting a Perfect Bracket? Not so Much.

Hey, sports Fans. Welcome to the March Madness edition of Fanaticsport. In this post, we are going to do something a little different. Instead of talking about who to pick for your bracket for the tournament, I’m going to talk about your probability of becoming Millionaire by the end of the NCAA Basketball tournament.


In 2014, Warren Buffett gave America a challenge; he would give a fan one million dollars if they were able to complete the perfect bracket.  While that sounds amazingly simple, there is a reason why Warren Buffett is one of the Richest people in America; he doesn’t make bad investments.  It is extremely hard, almost impossible, to complete the perfect bracket. To make it easier, in 2017 Buffett, has offered a $1 million to any of his employees who can predict the perfect Sweet 16. This makes the odds a little bit more manageable.

Buffett isn’t the only one who is ready to give away a million bucks.  TV comedian Cousin Sal has literally bet the house that no one will complete the perfect bracket.  With sponsorship from Sports Illustrated and Doritos Cousin Sal will give you his LA home or $1millon. Before you go signing up, you should know your chances.



What are the Odds?

According to math professor Jeff Bergen at De Paul University, the odds of getting the perfect bracket are 263 — 9,223,372,036,854,775,808  or 1 in 9.2 quintillion. If you are trying to complete the perfect Sweet 16 bracket, your odds are a little better at 14 in 11.57 million. Here are five things that are more likely to happen to you then achieving the perfect bracket.



1.Getting struck by lightning.


According to the BBC, the average person has a one and 300,000 chance of getting struck by lightning.


  1. Death via vending machine.


According to the Daily Beast, the odds are 1 in 12 million that you will be killed by a falling vending machine.




  1. Dating a supermodel



According to ABC news, the odds of dating a supermodel are 1 in 880,000.




  1. Pitching four perfect games in four years




According to Sports Nation, odds are 1 in 56,497 that a single major league pitcher will pitch four perfect games in four years.



  1. Dying from getting hit by   Meteorite


According to National Geographic, the odds are 1 in 600,000 that you will die from a meteorite. Isn’t that out of this world?




So now that you know the odds of completing the perfect bracket, you may want to give it a shot or you may not ever want to leave your house again.  Whether you’re in the perfect bracket challenge or just competing with friends, I wish you all luck, as they would say in The Hunger Games …



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