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The top Fvie things every Freshmen needs to know about College Football

Hey sports fans! Welcome to another edition of Fanaticsport. With many College Freshmen going away to school for the first time and only 15 more days until the college football season, I figured I could kill two birds with one stone by dropping some College Football knowledge and helping college freshmen in the process. So here are four things every College Freshmen needs to know about College Football.



5 Know what division your school is in. This may sound insignificant but it plays a huge role in your schools football program and here is why.


college football map

·         Division I -is the most competitive division in college sports, not to say that the other divisions aren’t competitive, but Division I schools treat their sports almost like a business. The schools can give out massive scholarships to recruit students to play for them. Students who are “D1 bound” are mainly focused on playing their sport in hopes that they can play professionally. It is important to note that a very few number of athletes get selected to play in the Pros, but because of having such high quality recruits, D1 schools get most of the attention from places like ESPN and other TV stations.

·         Division II – is slightly less competitive. They still have amazing athletes, but schoolwork and athletics play an equal role. For D II schools, scholarships are few and far between and they don’t get as much attention from major TV providers. Going Pro out of a DII is a little less common, but still happens.

·         Division III- is the least competitive of the three divisions. Students are more focused on school work than they are on sports. Division III schools still have great athletes and are very focused on winning, but the sports come second to school. As for going pro, it is harder to do than from any other division, but it is still possible.

As a fan it is my belief that it doesn’t matter what division your school’s in. If you follow your school’s football team and go to the games you will have a blast no matter where you go.


College football team

4.. Know the players that play for your school. Now I know what you’re thinking, how am I supposed to know about every player on the team??!! Don’t worry. That’s not what I mean. My advice is to take a program from a game and pick one player to follow for the season. Even if you know nothing about football it’s not that hard to tell if a player is doing well. Knowing just a little about a player could give you a talking point when talking with a huge fan.



 touchdown pass as California cornerback Darian Hagan (26) defends during the second half of an NCAA football game, Saturday, Sept. 19, 2009 in Minneapolis. California won 35-21. (AP Photo/Paul Battaglia)

touchdown pass as California cornerback Darian Hagan (26) defends during the second half of an NCAA football game, Saturday, Sept. 19, 2009 in Minneapolis. California won 35-21. (AP Photo/Paul Battaglia)

3 Know that the rules in college football are different from the ones in the NFL. here are three differences you need to be aware of.

  1. A player in college is ruled down if any part of his body touches the ground.  A player from the other team does not need to touch him first.
  2. A player only needs one foot inbound and need to  keep possession of the ball for the play to be ruled a catch.
  3. The  Clock stops after every first down in  a college football game .

 Alabama Football Fans

2. Know the School’s cheers. College takes cheering to a whole new level. Each college has at least one cheer or gesture that sets them apart. For example, Florida State has the chop (seen below) and the University of Florida has the Gator clap. As for cheers, Alabama is famous for “Role Tide” and Notre Dame sings the   Alma Mater after every home game win.  I not saying you need to know these cheers ahead of time, but it’s a good thing to know because they will make games a lot more fun.



College football Rivals

1. Know who your schools rival is. Pretty much every school in the country has a rival school that they play against each season. Here are some examples of great College Rivals:  Army and Navy, Notre Dame and USC, and Oregon and Oregon State. If you don’t go to any other games all season make sure you go to your school’s rivalry game. They are some of the best games you will see all year. If you don’t know who is your school’s biggest rival, click here. You won’t see every school in the country, but you’ll see all the big D1, D II and D III schools.




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