The Summer of Cleveland: The return of the King

   In a city known for sports blunders like the Infamous Drive and the leaving of home grown hero LeBron James, the “Mistake by the lake” better known as Cleveland has waited longer than any other city   with three major sports franchises, to win a championship.   After a 51 year championship drought, the tides are slowly turning for the mistake by the lake.  In the past three months, Cleveland has become a sports mecca, drawing more media attention than any other city in recent memory. This phenomenon is prompting many experts to call 2014 “the summer of Cleveland.” In this two part series I will explore the reasons behind the buzz surrounding Cleveland.

 The Return of the King


Four years ago LeBron James left the city of Cleveland for the warm beaches of Miami.  He left his home town distraught and broken, haunted by the embarrassment of his   nationally televised decision to go to the Heat.  LeBron and the Heat added insult to injury by winning the NBA Championship twice in four consecutive appearances.  At the end of the 2014 season LeBron James became a free agent. This left LeBron with the choice to go anywhere in the NBA and he chose Cleveland.  LeBron announced his decision, not with the press conference or a phone call, but in a written essay. This was in direct contrast to his flashy announcement four years ago at a press conference at a Cleveland Boys and Girls Club.  LeBron wrote “I’m doing this essay because want an opportunity to explain myself uninterrupted.”

 In the essay LeBron explains that his reason for going to Miami was to win a championship. He explained that, “Miami has been almost like college for other kids. These past four years helped raise me into who I am. I became a better player and a better man.” He also talked about how Miami taught him how to win and how he is excited to bring his winning ways back to Cleveland. That’s not the only thing LeBron could bring with him from Miami. LeBron also brings with him some pull. ESPN explained it like this:  “they called him “the great salesman” because of his ability to bring great players to Cleveland.  This is something he couldn’t do four years ago because he didn’t have a championship ring yet.”  Soon after LeBron returned to Cleveland, All-Star power forward Kevin Love expressed interest in playing there as well.  This would be huge move that would finally bring a “big three” to Cleveland in LeBron, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving.  The only problem that I see with this move is that the Cavaliers would have to give up first round pick Andrew Wiggins.  My feeling was that the Cavaliers should take a year and let Wiggins develop under the guidance of LeBron so he  can become part of a dynamic trio for years to come.  Then I decided to look of the numbers and that changed my mind.  Check this out

Name Games played Point per  game  Career points
Love 364 19.2 6989
Wiggins 0 0 0


Even though this may be an unfair assessment because Wiggins is just a rookie, you really can’t argue with those numbers.  I think Wiggins is going to be a great player in the future, but keeping him would be a huge gamble for the Cavs because there’s no guarantee that Wiggins will not be a bust.  At least with Kevin Love, you know you’re getting an All-Star who could definitely help your team win a championship. I can understand why the Cavs wouldn’t want to wait for Wiggins to develop, after all, 51 years is a long enough time to wait!

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The Manning  bros are back with a new  rap.



SC freestyle





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The End of an Era. The Top Ten Jeter moments

Hey sports fans welcome to another edition of fanaticsport. Every year around this time I do a huge post on the MLB All-Star game. This year I’m going to do things a little different, The 2014 All-Star game is very special to me. This will be the last All-star game for my favorite player, the captain, Derek Jeter. To pay tribute to one of the best short stops of all time, I decided to make a post counting down the top moments of DJ career.  Let take a trip down memory lane, and see why Derek Jeter has been to the All-Star game 14 times in 20 seasons.


10. Derek Jeter’s first hit



 May 30th, 1995 vs. Seattle

They say “good things happen to those who wait.” In 1995 Derek Jeter had to wait 6 at bats before he was able to put his first hit in the book. Jeter’s first hit was a line drive single off of a split-fingered fastball from Tim Belcher of the Seattle Mariners.  It seems insignificant now, but as the rapper  Drake would say   Jeter started from the bottom now he’s here”. 


9.     Stolen base leader



    May 28 2011 vs. Seattle


All thought Jeter isn’t the fastest guy on the field anymore, he dose hold the record for the most stolen bases in Yankee history.  Jeter passed Yankee great Rickey Henderson, with his 327th stolen bases came off of Seattle right-hander Felix Hernandez.   The craziest thing about this record is that Henderson only played for the Yankees for four years.  Holding this record just proves that Derek Jeter is great in all facet of the game.


8 Jeter’s first gandslam



June 18, 2005 vs Cubs  

Jeter’s first grandslam  came off Cubs reliever Joe Borowski . This  grandslame  helped  the Yankees win 8-1  

 7. World Series home run








Game 4, 2000 vs New York Mets

  Many kids my age  won’t remember  this  first pitch home run   hit by  Derek Jeter  in the 2000 world series, but I’m sure Met fans do .   This home run was the sixteenth leadoff homer in World Series history; it also extended a thirteen-game hitting streak in the World Series for Jeter.  This home run helped give the Yankee’s a 3-1 lead in the series witch set the stage for a game 5 victory. To give the Yankees there third title in three years.






6. Becoming the All-time hits leader

September 11th 2009 vs Oriels

 Jeter    became the team leader in hits in 2009, braking Lou Gehrig record that was held for over 70 years. For Jeter to hold this record proves he is the best of all time.

5.    Jeter and Jeff


1996 ALDS vs Oriels

    Now I can’t be sure if this is a Derek Jeter highlight or a Jeffery Maier highlight.  For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, in 1 of the 1996 ALDS Jeter hit a ball that looked like 1t could have been caught by right fielder Tony Tarasco.  At the last second 12 year old Jeffery Maier reach out and grabbed the ball. The hit was ruled a home run and tied the game 2-2.    Check the video and see for yourself. 


4. MR. November




 Game 4 November 2001 World Series

 The reason    World Series was played in November was because of 2001 of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  The reason Jeter is call Mr. November is because, with the clock striking midnight on October 31 Jeter hit a walkoff home run to tie the series 2-2 and help and help heal an ailing city.



3. Jeter’s 3000 hit

July 9 2011 vs.  The Rays


 Jeter became the fourth youngest player ever to reach the milestone of 3000 hits.  Jeter was able to hit a home run off Ray’s pitcher David price to complete his quest for 3000 with an exclamation point.




2 The Dive



This was one of the most courage’s catches   I have ever seen!  With a man on first and third and the game tied in the top of the 15th against the rival Red sox’s, a ball was hit just over third base in fair territory. Just as it looked like it was going to drop in for a hit, Jeter swooped in to make the diving play which sent him crashing into the stands.   This play shows it doesn’t just take talent to be a Yankee it also takes hart.  



1.   The Flip





2001 American League Division Series


With two outs in the 7th inning and the Yankees leading 1-0 and the tying run on first.   A ball was hit   just out of the reach  of first basemen Tino Martinez  the ball  rolled into right field and was picked up by right fielder  Shane Spencer who over threw the cutoff man . Meanwhile Jeremy Giambi was rounding third. Jeter came charging across the field grabbed the ball on a bounce and flips it to catcher Jorge Posada, who tags Giambi in mid stride. This is in my opinion the greatest play in Jeter’s career.

This video gives me chills




Ghana is gone thanks to John Brooks

Welcome soccer fans, I mean football fans, to my coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup! This year I’m only covering one team, the good old USA. Now I don’t know that much about Football, but I do know Monday’s win against Ghana was a big deal. Let take a look why.


The reason why this match was such a big deal is because Ghana has beaten the USA in all their previous matches dating all the way back to 1983.   Ghana has also beaten The  US in two World Cup matches in 2006 and 2010.   When it was announced that the USA would play Ghana in the first round of the Cup; All eyes were on the USA to see if they could finally defeat their most hated rival.        

Why is the win so important

 A win in the first round is important for any team.  The way the World Cup works is    each team gets randomly placed into a group of four teams. The teams play   each other and the top two teams in the group move on to the next round.   Losing in the first Match makes it very difficult for a team to advance to the next round. If you lose twice like England and Spain did then you are pretty much done.  Winning in the first round takes a lot of pressure off a team because that means th1e next game is not a must win.  

Who is John Brooks?


Almost everyone has seen the goal that John Brooks scored against Ghana, but many people are unaware of John Brook’s story. So let me try to shed a little light on this substation  turned Sensation

John Brooks is an interesting person to say the least. He was born in Berlin, Germany in 1993; in fact Brooks is one of four players on the USA team who have dual citizenship in both the USA and Germany.   To pay homage to the place where he was born Brooks has a tattoo of Germany on his left arm and he  also has a tattoo of Illinois on his right arm  to pay tribute to where his father was born.  Although never living in America, Brooks would come visit his dad’s side of the family in Chicago quite often. In a 2012 interview with the New York Times, Brook’s was asked whether he would like to play for the German team or the USA.  He replied,  ”Playing for the German team was OK but America was a lot better.”   Brooks’ love for the Stripes stems from his   father John Anthony Brooks Sir, who served in the military and was stationed in Berlin. Brooks started   playing soccer at the age of 5 playing   in the youth academy for Hertha BSC.  When he got older, he was able to sign as a defenseman   for the Hertha’s professional team when he was 19 years old.  Two years later, John Brooks found himself playing in the World Cup after not being on the original roster. John Brook’s scored the game winning goal Monday with an unbelievable header in the 86th minute to defeat rival Ghana. With this goal Brooks became the first sub to ever score a goal in the world Cup.   
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 Sickest soccer moves I have ever seen
  Every World Cup goal for the past 4 days, courtesy of Aaron Rotem
 the  last soccer game  ever  Oh no!
 CRAZY skills
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Kings Try To Regain Their Throne

Hey Hockey Fans! Welcome to my first Stanly Cup blog  ever!! From now until the end of the Stanley Cup finals, I will write a brief   summary of each game, just in case you missed even a second of the action.


This is the first time in 33 years that a team from New York and a team from LA have met in a championship game. The Kings have a lot of momentum going into the game. The Kings are the fourth team in history to come back from a 3-0 series deficit. They are also the first team to go to game seven in all three rounds. The last time The Rangers faced The Kings in the playoffs, the Rangers won.

First Period:

In the beginning of the game the Rangers came out firing. Their speed shocked the Kings who have not faced another team with the Ranger’s agility in the playoffs. This speed forced turnovers in the neutral zone and turnovers in the Kings zone. They turned into early scoring opportunities. With six minutes and thirty-nine seconds to go in the first period Pouliot forced a turnover in the neutral zone which led to a breakaway goal for the Rangers. Two minutes later Carl Hagelin used his speed to score a shorthanded goal to give the Rangers a 2-0 Lead. Before the end of the period, The Kings were able to score on a top right roofer from Kyle Clifford.

 Second Period:

In the second period The Kings got back to their game. They started making more contact and they started grinding down The Rangers making it difficult for them to use their speed. This period, The Kings enforced their will on The Rangers. Because they were making more hits, they were able to control the puck more and The Rangers speed was no longer the driving force. The Kings were able to bounce back offensively and tied the game up 2-2.

 Third Period:

No one scored in the third period, but you could tell the Rangers were losing their steam. To give you an example, at the end of the third The Kings led in hits 9-3 and they also led in shots 23-2. Let’s just say Henrik Lindquist had a stellar game in goal.  In the last minute of regulation each team had amazing scoring chances.  First Carl Hagelin had an amazing opportunity; on a chip into the Kings zone he was able to beat a defender to have a one on one with Kings Goalie Johnathan Quick. Unfortunately for the Rangers his shot was blocked, and sparked an odd man rush down the ice for the Kings.

Over time

 The Kings were able to carry the momentum into overtime.   It didn’t take the Kings long to capitalize on a mistake by Rangers defensemen,  Girardi, in his own zone.  Justin Williams was able to score off this turnover  only 4:26 into Overtime.

  This goal put the Kings three games closer to a Stanly Cup victory


My thoughts:

I strongly believe that the Rangers will win this series in seven games. I also think that the Kings coach Darryl Sutter looks like Bill Murray.



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Go Rangers!!



the chase for the cup begins: part 1

Hey hockey fans! It’s that time of year again. That’s right, it’s time for the 2014 NHL playoffs.  After a grueling eight month season, the teams are finally ready to step on the ice to see who comes out on top. In this post I will try to predict the outcome of the first round of the playoffs.  I will break this up into two parts so it doesn’t get too long. I will release the first part tonight and the second part tomorrow.


Boston vs. Detroit

I think this series will be an amazing series to watch. These two franchises haven’t played each other in the playoffs since 1957.  Boston has been on a tear this year; they have the best record in the National Hockey League with a record of 54-19-9.  Not only does Boston come into the playoffs with the best record, they also are third in the league in goals scored and second in goals against, only allowing 2.1 goals per game.  While the Red Wings numbers are not as astounding, I wouldn’t count them out just yet. Surprisingly, Detroit has beaten Boston three out of the four times they have met on the ice this season.

 I think this historic match up will come down to the wire, I predict Boston winning in 6 games.



Tampa Bay vs. Montreal

  Tampa Bay has played the Canadians four times this season.   All of the four games have gone into overtime so you can’t really judge this series based on the regular season.  I think that the Lightning will be able to win the series because of how good their offense has looked lately. They won five of their last seven games to finish the regular season.  The key will be to see how they can handle being without star goalie Ben Bishop for at least game one.  I believe if the Lighting can get through game one they will win the series.

I predict that the Lighting will beat the Canadians in 5.


Pittsburg vs. Columbus 

For this series I’m taking the Penguins all the way. This year the Penguins have been playing great. They are ranked in the top 10 in most offensive categories. They will be playing the Bluejackets who are a younger, less experienced team. Pittsburg has been here before and knows what to expect.  Now, everyone is saying that this series is going to be an upset, but I just don’t see it with Sidney Crosby leading the way. I don’t see an upset in the future

   I have Pittsburg winning in 6


Rangers vs. Flyers

This season the Rangers and Flyers played each other four times. They split these games 2-2.  If the regular season was any indicator, this series should be a battle of epic proportions. I give the advantage to the Rangers because of their mid-season trades.  They picked up players like Martin St. Louis who I hope will help them make a run for the cup this year. Plus, Henrik Lindquist has had a great year and he always brings it in the playoffs. I’m excited to see these two teams go at it.

I have the Rangers winning in 5.



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Living the Dream with Ryan Spadola


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to catch a pass from an NFL quarterback or to play football against players you grew up idolizing on TV? It sounds like something we only dream of when playing football with our friends in our back yard. For Ryan Spadola this dream is a reality. Ryan Spadola is from Howell, New Jersey and is currently signed as a wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins. On Ryan’s most recent trip back home I was able to catch up with him and get a look inside the life of an NFL player.

Like most kids, Ryan’s football journey started in his back yard with his friends.  Ryan’s Dad introduced him to the Howell Pop Warner League when he was very young. Surprisingly enough, Ryan admitted to me that “At first, football practice was something that I dreaded.”  In his tenure with the Howell Pop Warner League, Ryan was able to play on many championships teams.  This sparked his interest and carried him into playing football at Freehold Township High School.  In Ryan’s high school career, he lettered in track and football where he set the school’s single season reception record with 44 receptions.  In track, Spadola was just as good, breaking records in the Javelin and other events like the 55, 200, 400 meter runs. Spadola also became a member of New Jersey’s top 100 superstar athletes and the top 170 Athletes in the country. For Spadola “playing football and track was just for fun”. The NFL was just a dream he had in the back of his mind. When Ryan graduated high school in 2009 he was not offered a scholarship to play in college. This would have crushed most people, but not Ryan. He told me that “not getting a scholarship gave me the fuel I needed to prove people wrong, something I’ve been doing my whole career.”  Ryan speculates that he didn’t get a scholarship because people didn’t think he could perform on the next level.  Ryan said that this opportunity gave him “the extra drive I needed to have those breakout seasons and make it to the NFL.”  At Lehigh University, Ryan thrived, breaking the records for both single season receiving yards and reception yards.  By the end of his career at Lehigh, Ryan was second all-time in career receptions and yards.  All of Ryan’s hard work paid off when he was signed by the Jets in 2013. During the preseason, Spadola continued the pattern that he started in high school and lead the Jets in receptions. Ryan ended the preseason with a bang when he had a 70 year catch and run which led to a game winning field goal. When I asked what it was like to play in a game in the NFL, Ryan simply said “the feeling is indescribable”. As a member of both the Jets and the Dolphins, Ryan has had the opportunity to play against players like Packman Jones, Darrelle Revis and AJ Green, but Spadola says that the coolest thing about being a Pro is “being able to give back and be a role model for kids that are in the same position I was in.”

I would like to thank Mr. Spadola for doing this interview with me.  I wish him the best of luck in years to come and I hope to see his name on the ProBowl roster someday.  He truly is living the dream.



Cool videos

See Ryan’s ESPN special.

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Do you know your Stars and Stripes who struck Gold in Sochi?

Hello my fellow Americans, welcome to another Olympic edition of Fanaticsport. In the 9 days since the start of winter Olympic s  there has been a lot of amazing moments for the USA .  In this post I twill give you a recap of all the gold medals for the U.S. A. thus far. We only have four gold medals but don’t fret America we are in second place in medals over all take a look.


Gold medalists for America

Sage Katzenberg Men’s Slope style (skiing)

 On February 8th   Sage Katzenberg became the first Gold Medalist of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Katzenberg put the USA in the lead in the Gold Mental category with his performance in the Slope Style.  The   Slope style is an event where snow boarders go off jumps and perform tricks in an attempt to score the highest point total. Each snowboarder gets awarded points by a panel of judges, for style and difficulty of the snowboarders run. On Katzenberg’s first run he was able to score 93.50. This score was able to hold up and won him the first gold medal of the 2014 Olympics.

Sage Kotsenburg



Jamie Anderson woman’s slope style

  On February 9th Jamie Anderson made history for the U.S.A team.  Anderson took home the gold in one of Sochi’s newest events, the woman’s slope style. On Jamie Anderson’s gold medal run she scored 95.25 beating out sliver medalist from Finland, Enni Rukajarvi by almost three points.


Joss Christensen Men’s Slope Style

Joss Christensen helps the U.S.A complete the sweep of the podium in the Men’s slope style on Friday.  Just like in the Women’s slope style the men are scored on difficulty and style.  On his gold medal-winning run, he scored 95.8 points. He also shared the podium with fellow Americans Gus Kentworthy and Nicholas Goepper. This became the U.S.A.’s first sweep of the podium since 2002, and America third sweep of all time. This is probably one of the greatest stories from the 2014 Winter Olympics because his Father died in August and Christensen dedicated his gold medal run to his father.


Kaitlyn Farrington Woman’s half pipe

On Wednesday February 12, Kaitlyn Farrington brought home the gold in the in Woman’s half Pipe.  A competitor can earn points in the half pipe the same way you do in the other events. Each contestant is scored on the style difficulty and height of their jump.   Farrington scored 91.75 to upset two former gold medalist, Torah Bright and Kelly Clark.   It was an amazing run.   Its in another language but check out the run.


Shout out

To the USA hockey team, for there 3-2 win over Russia today.


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The stars of the winter Olympics revile their tricks




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Follow America chase for the podium in Sochi

The last time the Olympics were held on Russian soil was in the 1980 summer Olympics. These games came in the midst of the cold war. The USA National team didn’t not attend these games out of protest of Russia’s invasion of Afghanistan.  USA and Russia has since then buried the hatchet, and in 2014 the Olympics are being Held in Sochi  Russia.

What’s new for these games?

This year the winter games have some new events. These events include the men and  women’s halfpipe, the ski slope style and snowboarding slopestyle. One of the most exciting new events this year will be the girls hockey tournament. Its going to be so awesome!

Favorite’s for the Winter Olympics

The Boston Globe gives a synopsis of the top American competitors to watch in the 2014 Olympics. To view this list click on the following link

Olympic Schedule

If you want  a complete schedule  click here.

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cool trailer





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oddest Super Bowl ever !!!

 Hey sports fans, welcome to another edition of Fanaticsport. I hope you all enjoyed the Super Bowl last night. In this post I will give you a quick recap of the game just in case you missed it. I will also give you my thoughts on what makes this Super Bowl one the oddest games in the history of the NFL.  



Game summary   

Super Bowl 48 started off started off with a bang. Twelve-seconds into the game there was a rare miscommunication between Payton Manning and his offensive line, and this caused the ball to be snapped unexpectedly,  The ball was then recovered in the end zone for a safety. With the safety, the Seahawks took a 2-0 lead over the Broncos, With This safety the Seahawks  broke the record for the quickest points scored in a Super Bowl. On the ensuing drive, the Seahawks were able to score a field goal to go up 5-0. At this point the Broncos were sill in the game, they just needed one touchdown and they would be back in business. Unfortunately the Broncos couldn’t get anything going offensively. By the end of the first quarter the Seahawks l  8-0. 

In second quarter it was still all Seahawks. On their first drive of the second quarter the Seahawks were able to score their first touchdown of the night on a one yard  pass to Marshawn Lynch, making the score 15-0 after the extra point. The Bronco’s offense looked like it was heating up on their next drive. The Bronco’s drove all the way down to the Seahawks 35 yard line.  The Bronco’s finally looked like they were going to score and cut into the Seahawks lead.   On the next play the Broncos tried to set up a screen pass to Knowshon Moreno. Unfortunately for the Seahawks, Malcolm Smith was able to Intercept this pass and return it for a 69-yard touchdown.  The Seahawks took a 22-point lead going into halftime.

At half time the coach of the Seahawks, Pete Carroll, stressed that the game was not over and that the Seahawks still had to keep up the intensity.  The Seahawks did exactly what their coach told them to do. Percy Harvin returned the opening kick of the second half 87 yards for the touchdown. With this touchdown the Seahawks became the first team since the 1940 Bears to score in the first minute of each half in a playoff game. The defensive problems continued for the Broncos, with less than two minutes to go in the third quarter, The Seahawks scored again increasing their lead to 36 points. The Bronco’s were able to end the quarter on a high note, scoring a touchdown and completing the two point conversion to make the score 36-8.   In the fourth quarter The Seahawks added insult to injury scoring one more touchdown and than running out the clock to win the game 43-8.

Did Denver just have a bad game or is Seattle just that good? 

     I think that this game was a combination of both these things. Let’s not forget that Denver had the number one offense in the league.  According to Elise sports bureau  “ The Bronco’s recorded the second-highest scoring average in NFL history during the 2013 regular season. Denver scored an average of 37.9 points per game this season, a mark exceeded by only the 1950 Los Angeles Rams (38.8).”  So as you can see, the Bronco’s are not a bad team by any means. The Seattle Defense just played extremely well last night. If you recall from my last post I said that the Seahawks would have to rely heavily on there secondary and their defensive line to put pressure on Manning. I thought if they could do that they would win. The Seahawks were able to do just what I predicted.  They put so much pressure on Manning that he had no time to read the defense, this forced him to make bad choices and throw interceptions. The amazing thing about that is they put all that pressure on Manning with just four down linemen. In other words they didn’t blitz the whole game, that’s what makes them so good and allows them to cause so many turnovers. I think it’s safe to say they broke the Omaha code.        



Top 5 Super bowl commercials of 2014


  1. I want wings like that.












1. This guys a real hero.

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Can you break the Omaha code?

Hey sports fans! Welcome to a special Super Bowl edition of Fanaticsport. In this post I will go over everything you need to know so that you can look like a stud at your Super Bowl party.


                This year the Super Bowl is in my backyard at MetLife stadium in New Jersey.    This is the first time in the history of the NFL that the Super Bowl will be played in a cold weather climate. In 19731973 Tulane Stadium  in Louisiana set the record for the coldest Super bowl ever  played, at 39 degrees Fortunately for both teams, This the weather is supposed to be in the some where in the forties by game time. Even if the temp did fall to under 39 degrees the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos are no strangers to the cold.

  Before I go into who I think is going to win, Let me first explain the strengths and weakness of each team.   


The cover ages


The Denver Broncos mainly run a for three defense this means that there are three linemen and four line backers, as shown in the picture below.      




  This coverage only works if the defensive line is able to create holes in the offensive line. Once that happens this defense is really hard to stop because of the overwhelming pressure that the linebackers cause. This pressure will be key in containing a mobile quarterback like Russell Wilson.  Now the four three is not the only Defensive package they use this just one of the main staples of their defense



Defensive coverage for the Seahawks


 The   Seattle Seahawks run a 4/3 hybrid this means they use both this means they can ether have  3 down linemen and four line backer’s but the can change it based on how much pressure or coverage they need.  If I were the coach  I would  run more of the 3/4 because the more line backers you have the harder  it will be  for Payton  Manning to throw the ball .  Through the season this hybrid defense has been really successful. They are the number one defense in the game they all so lead the league in interceptions with 28.




  Offensives Schemes





Denver’s offense does not have a set offensive sachem. This is partly because of the brain of Payton Manning. When he gets up to the line reads the defense, like any other Quarterback would do. What’s different about Manning is in almost every play he yells the words Omaha, Omaha. Now this could mean a number of things. He could be calling an audible or calling out coverage’s or it could just be a dummy call. This is just one facet of the Bronco’s offense. All of this happens before the ball is snapped.   Once the ball is snapped, Denver is even better. They use star running backs     Knowshon Moreno and Montee Ball to run up the middle and tire out the defensive line. This allows for the Broncos to set up the play action pass and set up screen passes.  Then when you least expect it, Denver takes a shot down field, this is what makes Denver the number one offence in the game.   




What makes the Seattle Seahawks offense so effective is their quarterback Russell Wilson’s ability to extend plays by moving the ball outside the pocket.  When Wilson runs the ball he averages 5.6 yards per carry. When Wilson is out of the pocket he is able to read the defense better. This helps him find holes in the defense and score touchdowns. Russell   Wilson is smart. He doesn’t run unnecessarily. Out of Wilson’s 27 touchdowns only one of them was a rushing touchdown.  Wilson leaves most of the running to Marshawn Lynch.  They call him the beast and with good reason, Lynch averages about 4.2 yard per carry,  in the post season he is averaging about five.  With Russell Wilson at the helm along with Lynch and star reserves like   Golden Tate and Doug Baldwin the Seahawks are really hard to beat.


Keys to the game





If Denver wants to win the Super Bowl they will have to start with the offensive line. Most people would say that the game lies in the hands of Payton Manning but if he has no time to read the defense and throw the ball, the Denver Broncos offense is crippled.






 The key for the Seahawks to win this game falls on the secondary of the Seahawks.  The secondary  nicknamed  “ the legion of boom”  for their hard hitting play. As a group will have to find a way to put pressure on Manning and create turnovers. If they can do that they will win the game.



My thoughts


I think that the Seattle Seahawks will be able to finally break the Omaha code think that Richard Sherman will be able to finally prove that he is the best corner in the game. I think that the Seahawks offense is going to be too much for the defense of the Broncos. Those two reasons are why I think the Seahawks will win 28-21.


Cool videos


 Check this out.



Bad lip reading part 2. Lol



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