A look into the Octagon with Ultimate Fighter Corey Mounter.

Hey sports fans! Welcome to another edition of Fanaticsport. In this post I will be doing a Q and A with professional UFC fighter Corey Mounter. If you haven’t heard of him yet, don’t worry, you will. Corey is set to be on the new season of the hit show Ultimate fighter (no pun intended). I don’t know much about the UFC so I decided to sit down with Corey to find out more about his road to the Ultimate fighter!



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Q.How did your UFC career begin?


A   “When I was little, my Dad was watching some Karate movie; I think it was a Bruce Lee movie. When I saw it, I jumped up and said I want to do that. Within a week I was signed up for Karate.”



Q .As you got older, what Martial Art styles did you get involved in?


 A. “I first started with Ninjutsu and got my black belt after 18 years. Then I got my second and third degree. After a while of doing Karate I wanted to expand what I knew so I joined Nick Catone MMA in Brick. All the great coaches there helped me grow and build, then I moved into jujitsu; where I already have my Blue belt.1




Q.Are you more of a strait up fighter or a ground fighter?


After coming from 18 years of Karate I want to say I’m a stand up fighter but I’m starting to have a love for jujitsu. As I start learning more I’m going to become more of a ground fighter, but if you want to go toe to toe with me be my guest.” 


Q. Were there any fighters or other athletes that you modeled yourself after? 


A. “I looked up to George St. Pierre, Bruce Lee, Jet lee, and Michael Jordon for his passion.”   All these people I grew up watching make me a better fighter because I try to act like a coach and try to learn from what they do!”2


Q. What is your record?


A. “8-0”


 Q.Explain the process of  getting into the Ultimate Fighter?


A. “It’s a lot like doing an interview for any job. First they do a background check to make sure you’re qualified. The other part is getting your name out there A lot of it was just me asking and telling the coaches that I wanted it.  After a while my coach said “show me you want it, and win a fight and you will get your shot”.The person I had to fight was 11-2. If I won the fight I would be on the Ultimate Fighter.  No one knew I needed to win but me and my Coach.” 3

Q. Whose team are you on?

A. “Team Edgar.”

 Q. What are you looking forward to the most in regards to being on the show?

 A. Being in the house with all that testosterone. It’s fun knowing that some of them are your equal and some are not. It’s cool because all these guys are chasing the same thing, we all want the belt!”

 Q.  What’s the biggest thing you have learned throughout your UFC /MMA career?

 A. “To be humble. I don’t want to go into this thinking no one can beat me. At the end of the day people are going to look up to me, that’s the way I see it. I don’t want to go out and talk all this trash and then loose, that would be the biggest upset for me personally.” 


Q. Give me one crazy fact about Corey Mounter that people wouldn’t expect?


A. I don’t like to fight. I grew up with Karate and Karate was made to defend yourself. I never want to go out there and hurt someone. It was just so if someone came at me I knew what to do.  I never thought I would be out there getting paid to fight. I actually thought that was frowned upon. In this day age if you have a talent why not go after it!”4


Q. Do you have any advice for people who want to get into the sport?

 A. “Don’t be scared, don’t hold back. Even if you’re afraid of getting hurt, let that fear make you stronger; don’t let it stop you from trying to chase your dreams.  People who want to chase their dreams don’t do it because they are of their fears. The first thing you have to do is cast away your fears. That’s my advice for anyone in the Martial Arts. Just keep training and don’t give up.

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what a kick!


Thats what he  gets for taunting him by sticking  his chin out!




 That’s it for this post. Be sure to root  Corey on when the season airs sometime in July 2015. I would also like to thank Corey for doing this interview with me. Best of luck in the show. Hope you kick some butt!

Fanaticsport out!