On the court with the Czajkowski Twins

Hey sports fans! Welcome to anther edition of  Fanaticsport! In this post i will be doing a interview with the Czajkowski Twins!! Kyle and Jason  have been through a lot this basketball season. In the Shore Conference tournament,  Kyle broke his wrist and was out for the season.   This sparked the ” Play for Kyle” slogan . The  Freehold Township Basketball team was able to rally around Kyle and made it all the way to the New Jersey Group 4  State Sectional Final.  I interviewed the Twins to see what this wild run has been like for them.

      If you could sum up the season in one word, what would it be and why?

Jason: “Special, because we were the 3rd team in school history to win 20 games  we made it to the quarterfinals of the Shore Conference Tournament which was played at Brookdale, and we made it all the way to the Central Jersey Group 4 State Sectional Final.”1

      Was there a point  where you knew this season was going to be special?

Jason: “Once we reached Brookdale I knew the season would be special. That had not been done since I have been at FTHS and it was always a goal of mine, to get to play there in front of about 2,500 people”

      Did you  have any special expectations for the season?

Jason: “Brookdale was the big goal for me because I went to the games every year since 8th grade and always dreamed of representing the Freehold community in front of the whole Shore Conference. Not to mention the run we made in the state tournament as well.”

      I have had the pleasure of watching you play since middle school. Where do you think       your game has improved the most?

Jason: ” I think getting to the rim has been the biggest attribute that I improved on the most. In middle school I was more of a shooter and relied on the 3 point shot often times, but I became bigger and certainly much faster at the high school level which helped me achieve much success that I never expected coming into high school.”

      Kyle, what has this “play for Kyle” experience been like.

Kyle: “It has been a truly humbling one. When I went down in the SCT quarterfinals, I knew my season and career were done. My wrist got crushed. It killed me every single day to know that I could not play another high school basketball game with my teammates and coaches. To be honest, it still kills me now because I could not end my career on my own terms and help my team in the state tournament. Regardless of wins and losses, I just love the game of basketball, and I loved playing with my teammates so much. While I wanted the guys to win the championship so badly, it was tough at the same time to watch it because I missed playing so much and would have done anything to have been able to play just one more minute with them.The Win for Kyle experience made the state tournament run easier for me to deal with. I am just so thankful to have the amazing family and friends that I have. None of them had to do any of that for me; it just shows how tightly knit our school community is.”

     Jason, in the Colts Neck game you led the team with 15 points. What did that game mean to you. How were you able to focus in such a big game?

Jason: “I was actually scared about my focus, because that Saturday was our birthday and I did not want that to become a distraction. However, it turned out to be a special birthday because like you said I led the team in scoring, but most importantly we got the win.”

     Kyle, what was this run like for you ?  How were you able to stay positive through this        process?

Kyle: “Like I said, I could not have been happier for my teammates that they got so far in the tournament. It was just very tough to watch it sometimes because I had been playing on that court with my teammates in front of all the fans for four years, and I could not do that anymore. I was able to stay positive because of all the support that I got. I cannot be more grateful for the love I received from everyone in the gym during each tournament game. My family and friends lifted me during one of my worst times by doing that.”  

         Jason, you chose to wear your brother’s number when he was hurt. What effect do              you think it had on your play?

Jason: “Wearing Kyle’s number in honor of him hit me at heart. We may fight a lot and have gone through a lot over the years but he will always be my best friend and to see how he went down at Brookdale in the Shore Conference Tournament affected me in so many ways. It helped me to play the best basketball I have ever played in the state tournament. My whole motivation was to play for him because I knew he would do the same for me.”

      Kyle, what did it mean to you that you brother decided to wear your number ?

Kyle: “It meant the world to me that Jason wore number 20 for me. We are not only twin brothers, but also best friends. He was there for me when I really needed him, and he stepped up in so many ways on the court during the state tournament. I simply tried to return the favor to him by screaming for him during any play and supporting him as well.”

       What was it like playing at home for most of your big games?  .

Jason: “It was surreal to play at Freehold Township especially at the end of the season. In fact, the last 2 games in the state tournament we played the gym reached full capacity. Dr. Bleakley  (the assistant principle) had to prevent more people from coming in because it was sold out. Just to represent the Freehold community was an honor, and to do it at the end of my career was unbelievable. “ 2


       Do you guys have any pre game rituals?

Jason: “From an individual standpoint we did not have any pre game rituals, but as a team we did the same warm up and same routine before every game (I guess you can call us boring, lol).”

      What are you looking forward to in track this season?

Jason: “Breaking records. As a relay team, Me, Kyle, Tyree Wilson, and Nasir Haines broke the district record as 4 juniors last year, and we look to take this not only at the state, but at the national level as well. We got 6th in the state of NJ last year for the 4 x 400 relay and look to be even better this year.”3


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That’s if for this post. I would like to thank Kyle  and Jason for doing this interview with me. Best of luck in the future. Congratulations to the whole  Freehold Township team on an incredible season!

Fanaticspot out

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