Jeter top Career Moments

Hey sports fans welcome to another edition of Fanaticsport.  I know I already posted this around the All-star game, but  I couldn’t resist making some changes to Jeter’s 10 best moments  now that his career is over!


10. Derek Jeter’s first hit



 May 30th, 1995 vs. Seattle

They say “good things happen to those who wait.” In 1995 Derek Jeter had to wait 6 at bats before he was able to put his first hit in the book. Jeter’s first hit was a line drive single off of a split-fingered fastball from Tim Belcher of the Seattle Mariners.  It seems insignificant now, but as the rapper  Drake would say   Jeter started from the bottom now he’s here”.

9.     Stolen base leader


    May 28 2011 vs. Seattle


All thought Jeter isn’t the fastest guy on the field anymore, he dose hold the record for the most stolen bases in Yankee history.  Jeter passed Yankee great Rickey Henderson, with his 327th stolen bases came off of Seattle right-hander Felix Hernandez.   The craziest thing about this record is that Henderson only played for the Yankees for four years.  Holding this record just proves that Derek Jeter is great in all facet of the game.



8 Jeter’s first gandslam


June 18, 2005 vs Cubs

Jeter’s first grandslam  came off Cubs reliever Joe Borowski . This  grandslame  helped  the Yankees win 8-1

 7. World Series home run



Game 4, 2000 vs New York Mets

Many kids my age  won’t remember  this  first pitch home run   hit by  Derek Jeter  in the 2000 world series, but I’m sure Met fans do .   This home run was the sixteenth leadoff homer in World Series history; it also extended a thirteen-game hitting streak in the World Series for Jeter.  This home run helped give the Yankee’s a 3-1 lead in the series witch set the stage for a game 5 victory. To give the Yankees there third title in three years.


6. Becoming the All-time hits leader

September 11th 2009 vs Oriels

Jeter    became the team leader in hits in 2009, breaking  Lou Gehrig record that was held for over 70 years. For Jeter to hold this record proves he is the best of all time.



4. MR. November


 Game 4 November 2001 World Series

The reason    World Series was played in November was because of 2001 of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.  The reason Jeter is called Mr. November is because, with the clock striking midnight on October 31 Jeter hit a walkoff home run to tie the series 2-2 and help and help heal an ailing city.



3. Jeter’s 3000 hit

July 9 2011 vs.  The Rays


 Jeter became the fourth youngest player ever to reach the milestone of 3000 hits.  Jeter was able to hit a home run off Ray’s pitcher David price to complete his quest for 3000 with an exclamation point.




2 The Dive


This was one of the most courage’s catches   I have ever seen!  With a man on first and third and the game tied in the top of the 15th against the rival Red sox’s, a ball was hit just over third base in fair territory. Just as it looked like it was going to drop in for a hit, Jeter swooped in to make the diving play which sent him crashing into the stands.   This play shows it doesn’t just take talent to be a Yankee it also takes hart.



1.   The Flip




2001 American League Division Series


With two outs in the 7th inning and the Yankees leading 1-0 and the tying run on first.   A ball was hit   just out of the reach  of first basemen Tino Martinez  the ball  rolled into right field and was picked up by right fielder  Shane Spencer who over threw the cutoff man . Meanwhile Jeremy Giambi was rounding third. Jeter came charging across the field grabbed the ball on a bounce and flips it to catcher Jorge Posada, who tags Giambi in mid stride. This is in my opinion the greatest play in Jeter’s career.

1.5 Jeter’s last home at bat and his last at bat ever!

These at bats could very well be one  the best plays of his career


  1. Jeter’s walk off single against the Oriels
  2. Jeter’s  RBI against the Red Sox’s in his last at bat




This video gives me chills.