Johnny football or Johnny Clipboard ?

Hey sports fans! Welcome to my last instalment of the Summer of Cleveland. If you missed my last  post let me give you a quick summary. The summer of 2014 has been hailed by many experts as the summer of Cleveland because of the arrival of NBA star LeBron James and Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel.  In my last post I talked about the advantages of LeBron coming to Cleveland. If you want to read the full post, click the arrow on the bottom of the page.  In this post I’ll  get to the bottom of all the hoopla   surrounding Johnny Manziel and the starting job QB job.

 Johnny Football or Johnny Clipboard?


Before the start of the 2012 college football season, the name Johnny Manziel was virtually unknown.  That soon changed once the season started. In his first start as Texas A&M quarterback, Johnny Manziel was 23 for 30 passing the ball, with an added 60 yards on the ground and one rushing touchdown.  After his first game Johnny   Manziel kept turning heads in the sports world.  Manziel went on to win awards like the Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award and the Manning Award.  He capped off an unbelievable freshman season with a victory over undefeated Alabama. He also became the first freshman in the history of college football to win the Heisman Trophy, thus giving him the nickname Johnny Football.  If all this doesn’t impress you, let’s take a look at his stats from his first two years at Texas A&M.


Year Passing Attempts  Passing Completions Yards per attempt Rushing yards per  carry
2012 434 295 8.8 7.0
2013 429 300 9,6 5.3


The Draft


With those numbers you would think that Johnny Manziel would be the number one pick in the 2014 draft right? Wrong! Ok, maybe not number one but at least in the top ten. Sorry, wrong again.  Johnny Manziel was picked with the 22nd pick by the Cleveland Browns in the 2014 draft. This was much lower than he and everyone else had anticipated.

The QB Battle

Throughout the summer there has been a fierce quarterback battle raging in Cleveland between Johnny Manziel and Brian Hoyer.  After much debate during the preseason, the Browns decided to name Brian Hoyer as the starting quarterback, not because of anything Hoyer did in the preseason or anything Manziel didn’t do. Hoyer was named the starter because he has more experience. This may work out for Manziel in the long run.

In the last five years, there have been seven different starting quarterbacks in Cleveland. Not one of those starting quarterbacks has finished a season. If Manziel started and the pattern continued, Johnny Manziel would be out of a job by February of 2015.  Plus, the Browns offense was ranked 28th   out 32 NFL teams last year.  If  I were  Manziel,  I would want  to wait for the Browns to give  me  more offensive  weapons before I started playing. After all, they say the best position in sports is the backup quarterback because you get paid millions of dollars to sit the bench.


So will Manziel start this year or nah?


I believe Manziel will have an opportunity to start this year. If the pattern I talked about earlier continues, that would mean Hoyer wouldn’t finish the season either.  The thing that I like about Manziel is that he plays with passion and excitement. One thing he brings to the table that Hoyer doesn’t,  is hope. Manziel brings hope to a city that hasn’t had any hope of winning a championship in over 51 years. But for now, I think it will be better   for the future of the Browns if Manziel grabs a clipboard and learns the offense, instead of grabbing a football.


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